Turning 25.

August 1, 2015

I turned 25 | Abbey Kathleen

I am a sentimental person when it comes to milestones and life changes. Like I want my friends to get sappy and emotional with me and talk about timing and how unbelievable life is. And they do- some of them. And that’s great. Because inwardly I am such a hippie in the sense that things happen for a reason and life is for growing and learning and becoming new people over and over again. (The grammar in this post isn’t going to be great, so just roll with me.)

When I was turning 24, I was in the midst of a post break-up phase. I would cry happy tears in the shower because I felt young and empowered and thank GOD for that. I was living alone for the first time and abroad in a foreign country, which had been a goal of mine since I was 16. I was feeling FULFILLED. Do you know how rare it is to feel fulfilled when you’re 24 years old? It was such a golden feeling, I wish I could have bottled it up and sold it to twenty year olds everywhere. And it lasted.

It lasted more than half of my 24th year. Then work got stressful and life felt full of ‘I-don’t-knows’ again. I hate that. But, I know that those moments are what pushes you to change and jump for that full feeling again.

So instead of falling into that feeling, I’ve been pushing myself. New jobs, new exercise regimen, new people! It’s all been so, so good. Even when it’s hard. Even when I’m down. It still feels good.

Since I turned 24, I have traveled abroad and domestically (hello san fransisco and oklahoma). I got a job & the exact position I wanted. I met new, close friends. I dated (this is a biggie). I exercised regularly and dieted. I got my own apartment. I became an adult- even though I still feel like I just turned 21 and should have no responsibility.

I didn’t learn how to play guitar or find a church I feel like I belong at (goals from last year), but these are things I can still strive to accomplish.

I’m a little scared of 25, and I feel like I’m going to embrace it like an awkward acquaintance I run into once a year. But it’s good to embrace things. Maybe it’ll turn into a thing, you know? Am I making sense? Sentimentality sometimes turns into crazy statements.


Hi, 25. Let’s see what we can make of ourselves, shall we?

I turned 25 | ABBEY KATHLEEN

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