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Banana Party

August 3, 2015


In June my friend Sara had this idea to throw a banana party. I showed up late to the happy hour event and was asked if I would come. Uh- of course I will go to a banana themed party. Who wouldn’t?

Then it came up that the party’s date was a few days after my 25th birthday. So Sara asked me if I would like the banana party to be my birthday party.


We had the party at a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar called NJ’s. They have a marquee sign out front and Sara got them to write ‘Banana Time’ on it. So it was a thing. When you walked inside the bar- there were about twenty bananas standing around. Along with bananagrams, banana pens, banana trophies, and banana themed treats! Sara did her due diligence.

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It was honestly the best time. I got to spend the night with my ex-coworkers and some of my closest friends. Happy 25th to me!

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