Bachelorette Take Two

August 26, 2015

As I said earlier in the month, I have two good friends who are getting married in September and I am in BOTH weddings. It has been crazy and we still have a couple weeks to go before it settles down. So this past weekend was bachelorette #2! We rallied all the girls together and drove up to my parent’s lakehouse for a relaxed weekend by the water. We started the weekend off right with a lingerie party and margaritas! As you can see from the photo above- it takes a village to put on lingerie. Just FYI.

We spent most of Saturday in the water, which was so nice. My tan has been getting gooood. We struggled a bit in the floats, but it all turned out okay. One of our neighbors scared half the girls out of the water by telling them he saw an alligator in the morning. WELL, ALLIGATORS ARE SCARED OF HUMANS OKAY? No need to fret.
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We went out to dinner to pretty much the only restaurant available with margaritas. There was a rowdy group of older women at the table next to us and we ended up befriending them. They were celebrating their 55th sleepover! How cute is that? They got our bride multiple shots and we ended up getting a pretty great photo with them. There was also a penis cake because you know… bachelorette parties…


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