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August 2015


Bachelorette Time- First Take

August 10, 2015

One of my best friends since high school is getting married in LESS THAN A MONTH. We celebrated this past weekend by taking a little trip to Gruene, Texas- home of the oldest dance hall.2015-08-07 19.31.55We drove up Friday evening after catching up with our out of town guests (eee friends!). We stayed in the cutest little place right next to the Comal river called Comal Inn. I wish I had gotten photos of the decorations because we threw them up as quick as possible before the bride showed up in the other car- penis balloons and banners included. Because, you know, we’re 25 and it’s a bachelorette party. You can’t skip.

2015-08-07 23.16.57We played charades while drinking wine and had a little lingerie shower. Then scooted into beds because driving is exhausting.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the river to FLOAT. This was honestly my favorite thing of the weekend because we were all stuck together on the river- joined by the float with the cooler of beer- and were forced to relax. I did fly out of my tube during some of the rapids, but I was left relatively unscathed. Thankfully. It felt so good in the Texas heat to swim in that cold water, let me tell you. AND we wore tattoos. Cause’ why not.

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 presetAfter tubing, we relaxed in our little cottage and snacked on quesadillas before getting ready for the night! We ate dinner at The Gristmill restaurant and sweated our booties off. So much sweat. But the sun eventually set and we rallied, walking around town with the bride in her beautiful (DIYed) sash! We ended the night at Gruene hall exchanging stories of crazy nights and good times while listening to the band in the background. We topped it off with ice cream cones and then passed OUT.

2015-08-08 21.34.44Sunday morning was complete with a hearty southern breakfast at The Buttermilk Cafe. Honestly delicious and the cutest place. Give it a try.

2015-08-09 19.18.55

Whitney was the most celebrated bachelorette in GRUENE!


Hello Velvet Taco.

August 4, 2015

On Saturday, the boy and I headed to Velvet Taco- a new taco place on Washington. I was intrigued. Especially because Torchys is one of my favorite places in the world and this is supposed to be it’s new competition. Two taco places in near vicinity to me? PLEASE.

We parked on a side street and hiked through some tall grass to get to this place because all the parking was full! And it was PACKED. Good sign, Velvet Taco. Good sign. I really enjoyed the industrial look they went for and the yellow ceiling. We grabbed a mexican coke & sprite and started to get excited for the food experience that was about to go down.

Now I am not known for being an adventurous eater- I will be the first to admit it. However in the past couple of years I’ve branched out. Turns out I like different kinds of food- who knew? So I ended up ordering the slow roasted brisket and the buffalo chicken taco. The boy got the taco of the day which was cajun paneer, and he also got the grilled flank steak. I have to say both of the beef tacos we got were pretty solid. I would definitely order them again. But it turns out that I don’t like buffalo chicken. Not Velvet Taco’s fault- just me learning my taste buds. It’s cool.

We also ordered a side of tater tots- which came with an egg on top! The boy was a big fan and I thought it was alright. No complaints. Overall seemed like a little better quality tacos, but they didn’t have queso! That was my biggest issue. Can’t compete with Torchy’s queso.

Have you been to Velvet Taco? What’d you think?

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Banana Party

August 3, 2015


In June my friend Sara had this idea to throw a banana party. I showed up late to the happy hour event and was asked if I would come. Uh- of course I will go to a banana themed party. Who wouldn’t?

Then it came up that the party’s date was a few days after my 25th birthday. So Sara asked me if I would like the banana party to be my birthday party.


We had the party at a hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar called NJ’s. They have a marquee sign out front and Sara got them to write ‘Banana Time’ on it. So it was a thing. When you walked inside the bar- there were about twenty bananas standing around. Along with bananagrams, banana pens, banana trophies, and banana themed treats! Sara did her due diligence.

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It was honestly the best time. I got to spend the night with my ex-coworkers and some of my closest friends. Happy 25th to me!