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How to give the BEST Wedding Speech.

September 24, 2015

I had the idea for this post after I gave a speech at my best friend’s wedding and got tons of great feedback from my friends and the newlyweds’ families. I WON at speech-giving. Now, don’t get me wrong, I usually am not the first to stand up in class and talk about things. I’m actually the last person who wants to do that. But at weddings… it’s different.

This was two of my best friends’ wedding. Not one best friend but TWO. I love them both dearly, and when asked if I would give a toast/speech, I didn’t hesitate. Of course, of course, of course. Everything was happy.

But then. I had to write the speech. Oh lord, give me strength. My introvert side was like WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF? SIT DOWN. TELL HER YOU LOST YOUR VOICE. ANYTHING ELSE, PLEASE!

So, I began to write. And here are some tips of mine for you if you have to give a speech and you don’t know where to start or how to pull it off.

My first tip is to be sappy, but not too sappy. It’s a wedding, you have to say SOMETHING love-related. But that doesn’t mean you need to be quoting about love all night long (unless that’s part of your grand scheme- in which case, go on AHEAD). I saved the sap for the last ten seconds of the speech. A good love quote from one of my favorite books. Sap is always good, but I believe moderation is key.

Keep it simple, stupid. A classic rule. Don’t go in unprepared (unless you are a speech genius)- at least have some vague outlines to help you if you lose track. I was overwhelmed by all the stories I could tell, until I just decided to narrow it down to 5 reasons that they were my best friends. This kept my speech on track without too many rambles… because I can ramble for the rest of my life.

Watch the people you’re giving the speech about. If you’re nervous, looking at faces of people you don’t know well, and feeling like they’re judging your very capable speech-giving skills, is only going to make you worse off. Look at the bride and groom! That’s who you’re toasting to, after all. And if you’re feeling brave, do some nice turns to those listening around you.

Anecdotes! Don’t forget the anecdotes! As a listener of wedding speeches, the things I look forward to the most are funny stories about the bride and groom. This doesn’t mean you need to go deep into details or tell that really long-winded story that was a had-to-be-there moment in the end. Some one-liner memories can go a long way!

And my last, but probably MOST helpful tip, is to run your speech by someone first. For me I gave the outline of my speech to one of my friends while we were driving to rehearsal. She gave me positive feedback and made me feel more comfortable with what I was going to say. If you’re feeling like something might not be right, give your speech to a parent or a friend who will be honest & constructive with feedback! But don’t worry- it’s hard to get a wedding speech wrong! Because that room is full of LOVE. 🙂

You’ve got this!


Abbey Chatz: Weddings, Money, Drinking, The Bone Clocks

September 14, 2015

abbeychatzI’ve started a new little feature on my youtube channel, which is Abbey Chatz- a weekly video where I chat about things that interest me. I feel like this could take the place of a monthly favorites video. It is a bit more involved than that, though. I’d like to start some discussions and get more involved with those of you who watch my channel.

In my first episode, I start off with makeup and we go through weddings, money, unemployment, drinking, and more. So, I hope you enjoy my rambles.

I hope to start making these a bit shorter in the future, but alas the ten minute mark hit me.


August Book Wrap Up

September 3, 2015

IMG_9030I read 5 books in August! Not a record but I’m pleased as pie. Before working a full time job I was knocking out eight to ten books a month. Now I see how INSANE that is. Believe me. I’m super pumped when I hit four books a month.

So, this month my favorite book was probably between The Girl with all the Gifts and Red Queen. Very different books, but both so good. The Girl with all the Gifts took a thriller book to another level by allowing the POV to be a young, creepy girl. I have never read a book with an ending like that. Ever. So exciting. Red Queen was a Hunger Games-esque, dystopian, YA novel. Honestly, it was gripping and I can’t wait for the next book! Strong heroine and interesting world building. Another top contender was The Secret Life of Bees. I finally read it after having it in my possession for over ten years. I talk about all of them in the video below EXCEPT for the secret life of bees because apparently my brain is elsewhere these days.

I really enjoyed the themes in Secret Life of Bees. With racism still so prevalent today, it was so interesting to read a book based in the 1960s when the Civil Rights Act had just been passed. But among that, they also touched on depression and feminism. Did not expect depression to make an appearance in the book, but so so glad it did. Through the eyes of a young, teenage girl no less. If you haven’t read it yet, take the plunge! It is a must read.