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October 2015


Camping in Dinosaur Valley

October 25, 2015

Once upon an October weekend, The Masters Family went to Dinosaur Valley and they walked among ancient creatures…

But really, we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glenrose, TX where there are fossilized dinosaur footprints preserved all throughout the park! Honestly, super cool. My nieces wore headlamps, we slept in tents, and ate smores over our illegal campfire. It was a cold weekend, but a really, very good one.

IMG_9120 IMG_9124 IMG_9147 IMG_9150 IMG_9155 IMG_9188 IMG_9191 IMG_9194 IMG_9236 IMG_9254

We drank hot chocolate and told ghost stories while the kids slept on the last night. Then pulled our chairs out into the street to look at the stars.

Next time we have a family vacation there will be a baby with us! 🙂