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How do you make time?

November 22, 2015

I’ve been struggling with this theme a lot lately. I work full-time in retail and do a little bit of freelance on the side. This adds up to 40+ hours a week, with minimal down-time. I’m tired at the end of my day and don’t want to exercise or go out- I just want to sleep and watch mindless television. Which I hate! I don’t like that person who does nothing. I used to love going out with friends and staying away from my TV. Not only that but how do I have time to color in my adult coloring book, write my first novel, create youtube videos every week, while still maintaining a social life? There just isn’t enough time.

So, how do you balance it?

I don’t know the answer- I’d like someone to tell me. All I know is that I have to put the ones I love at the front of the line. And plan, plan, plan. Side note: I hate planning. But, I have to admit that some good things do come out of it.

2015-11-14 20.14.36

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Like spending time with these guys.


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My Fake Christmas Tree Died.

November 15, 2015

I’m not sure what this post is about, except maybe to update on my life. I’ve been working like a workin’ woman. Two jobs! Still working in retail, and now have branched into the freelance social media world. I hope that this continues to grow because I really do miss it. I feel like opportunities are coming my way and that is a good thing.

I’ve been in a better mood lately. Like giggles and smiles for days. Savoring it. I wrote a blog post about how I was not doing well but I haven’t published it. We’ll save that for a rainy day. I like to keep things positive unless I feel like it’s helpful to not be. Does that make sense? Yes? Okay.

I am ready for winter. Bring on the cold! It’s felt lovely this past weekend and I want to enjoy it more. All the time. Come on, Christmas! I am struggling with budgeting for Christmas presents. I know that’s not what it’s all about, but I really enjoy buying things for people. It’s a fun challenge for me, and I hope to do well again this year. But I really do want to buy all the things.

I went up to my parent’s attic a few days ago to dig out my christmas tree and christmas decor. Strangely I found that my white, fake christmas tree was partly golden brown. Like it had been nicely toasted on one side. I called my mom and she, I kid you not, laughed for thirty minutes about how my christmas tree had died. I find a lot of metaphors in my life and I’m hoping that the dead christmas tree isn’t one for my coming Christmas spirit.

So. There’s an update on life.


Why am I obsessed with Greeting Cards?

November 9, 2015

I have a problem.

I have started collecting greeting cards… but cannot seem to bear the idea of parting with them.

The whole point is to share them with people you love… to send a message that you’re thinking about them… but all I want to do is hoard them. But, can you blame me?


I want to frame them and put them on my wall. Seriously in love with every print. Can I be a curator of greeting cards? I think I’ve found my passion in life.

And if you’re curious about the ones I DID buy… I may have done a haul video… which you can watch here.

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