Fancy Paperie: A Stationery Review

December 14, 2015

IMG_9564I was lucky enough to get reached out to by a wonderful stationery-maker, Amanda from Fancy Paperie. She asked if I’d like to receive some of her products in exchange for a review and I was like YES PLEASE.

I have been really into vintage floral patterns lately, so when I saw her wrapping paper with dark florals I once again was like ALL THINGS YES. It’s gorgeous. Really, though. I can’t wait to use it for christmas presents. Gonna look great under my tree and on my new tree skirt (15$ I’m not complainin’). Another thing I got pretty psyched about was her greeting cards with dinosaurs on them. Hello more floral! SO great. I love them. I want to display them on my wall. I think I might.  I’ll let the pictures show you what I’m talkin’ bout.IMG_9569 IMG_9571 IMG_9573 IMG_9574

Gorgeous stuff, Amanda!

If you visit Amanda’s etsy shop, you can find all her cute thing including those great floral gift tags pictured above ^^^. Did I mention I like floral things? No? 😉

Also, use the code welcome20 for a 20% discount on your purchase!


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