Let’s talk CHRISTMAS.

January 3, 2016

I know. It’s January already. Why are we going back to Christmas? Because there was no time! That’s why. In 2016 I want to slow. down. But that’s for another blog post, y’all. I want to talk about Christmas time in Abbey land.

It all started with A LOT OF WORK! I work in retail right now and that means I was working really long days and generally one day off a week. That’s a lot of standing up and running around. Luckily I thought ahead and took off some days around Christmas and New Years which kept me going. Rough. But it’s over. Christmas Eve I headed with a packed bag to the parent’s house and we made gingerbread cookies and entertained my niece with magic wands and a moose cookie cutter. The little things. The family had cocktails and opened a few presents and played tenzi. When the ones with the kid went home, the rest of us settled in on the couch and floor and watched Elf- a Christmas classic.

When that ended and the rest of the lovelies went home, my parents and I cuddled in with adult coloring books and watched half of White Christmas- a new favorite of mine. How have I never watched the whole thing?!

IMG_9575 IMG_9578

Christmas morning I was woken up by an excited pup jumping on my bed. I slowly made my way downstairs in my red christmas robe, as you do. We slowly began opening gifts while sipping coffee and hot chocolate. As Christmas mornings go, it was a pretty solid one. After presents, the parents made lunch and the boyfriend made his way over. He gifted my mom a handmade TERRARIUM because he likes to show me up. He’s a good egg. 🙂 We watched three films over the day- White Christmas (again), The Holidays, and The Martian. A good array of films I must say. After stuffing ourselves and taking a walk with the pups, the boyfriend and I said our goodbyes.

IMG_9855IMG_9858IMG_9876 IMG_9878 IMG_9882

A perfect Christmas? Pretty close. Snow would’ve been nice instead of 80 degree weather, but I won’t harp too much. And if you’re curious how our night ended- it might have been at a dance party. Watch below if you’re curious. 😉



  • Reply Chelsea January 18, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    I am finally able to sit down and catch up on all things blog and fun! Cute cute cute video 🙂 Happy you had a such a happy christmas!

    • Reply abbey January 18, 2016 at 9:01 pm

      We need to hang out IRL! 🙂

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