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I ran a Half Marathon.

February 1, 2016

I have to start this out by talking about how we signed up for this oh so naively in June. At least I was naive. I was like ‘oh yea, I’m gonna train so much and be so in shape and it’ll be awesome’. Well. It was awesome. But I definitely did not train.

Okay. I trained for two weeks prior. I ran THREE times before my half marathon. Because I am a crazy person. A crazy, lazy person. Not exactly true- I work full-time from 9:30-6:30 on my feet, running around all day. So when I would get home I’d be tired and not wanting to run miles on miles. So, kinda lazy.

But two weeks before the race I got my butt in shape. I ran five miles, then 7 miles, then 3 miles, and then on Sunday the 17th I ran 13.1 miles.

What in the.

2016-01-17 14.42.04It was me, the boyfriend, and two of my close friends running. We were PUMPED. Kabir left us right at the starting line- just darted off without a word. Ha! Then the rest of us ran the first six miles together, before breaking up and leaving one behind. 🙁 We all made it though! We stopped a few times to say hello to our adoring fans (friends + parents) and to take some photos. It was so helpful having people cheer me on. I didn’t walk once! Okay I walked for a minute or two past mile 10 because my legs were like hey we did NOT TRAIN FOR THIS and I was like yea, I know- TWO MORE MILES, GUYS.
2016-01-17 18.56.30

The motivation was thin. I kept thinking, only ten more minutes of running- that’s not that long, you can do it! But dang did I want to stop. I really, really wanted to. But then you see the finish line and you’re like I. Must. Run. Across. It. And then you do, because damn it you’re amazing.
2016-01-17 10.49.04

And then you sit on the floor and eat an ice cream and think about how insane it is that you just ran 13.1 miles. A week before you ran 7 and before that you’d never run more than 3 miles… EVER. The body will do amazing things if you push it.

And then. Because it is you and your boyfriend’s one year anniversary… you will make him kiss you in front of a graffiti wall before you drive home to shower all the sweat and gatorade off of you. 🙂
2016-01-17 12.45.15-1
2016-01-18 00.08.54

I’d do it again.


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